Developer’s 2nd open house, different info

Just received an update from the developers of the property between Lanark and Beaverbrook at Grosvenor — the second public presentation on Dec. 14th will indeed provide NEW INFORMATION, so please attend this meeting as well, even if you attended the first one.

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Postal delivery to end

Typical community mailbox

Canada Post announced today that they plan to end of postal delivery as most of us know it in our Sir John Franklin community area.

Daily home delivery to our door will convert to community mailboxes, known to many as ‘super mailboxes’ or other names. This will present a big adjustment for people, especially those with mobility issues or tight schedules. The steady decline in reliance on postal services has already seen a higher proportion of unwanted mail to ‘real’ mail and the removal of some of our local places to drop items to be posted.

Because ours is a long-established urban neighbourhood, we are amongst the third of Canadians who may be unfamiliar with including going somewhere beyond our front door to get our mail. Rural customers and new neighbourhoods throughout the country have had to do this for years.

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Open house plan for single family homes

rendering of view of new bay development on Lanark Street,

rendering of view of new bay development on Lanark Street,

The open house held on November 26th revealed the developers’ plan to add 11 single family homes along Beaverbrook and a further 19 homes in a new bay on Lanark Street, essentially following the pattern of the existing neighbourhood.

A significant number of people turned out to the event held at the Sir John Franklin site of the community centre, where the developers were on hand to answer questions and provide information. There were several displays and forms to hear feed-back from residents and other interested parties.

The developers mentioned their desire for variety of home contraction, rather than a singular styled development. Their stated intention is to blend into the community.

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Councillor Orlikow called this afternoon (Friday) after learning that the school property committee had moved ahead and made a decision, and that the proposal to sell the property to the community to be kept as greenspace was not selected to advance to the school division for completion. Just one development proposal was recommended, but we were not able to determine any details about the sale or the proposal.