Open house plan for single family homes

rendering of view of new bay development on Lanark Street,

rendering of view of new bay development on Lanark Street,

The open house held on November 26th revealed the developers’ plan to add 11 single family homes along Beaverbrook and a further 19 homes in a new bay on Lanark Street, essentially following the pattern of the existing neighbourhood.

A significant number of people turned out to the event held at the Sir John Franklin site of the community centre, where the developers were on hand to answer questions and provide information. There were several displays and forms to hear feed-back from residents and other interested parties.

The developers mentioned their desire for variety of home contraction, rather than a singular styled development. Their stated intention is to blend into the community.

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SJF park sold


386 Beaverbrook-developmentThe land which served as the home of Sir John Franklin School has been sold by the Winnipeg School Division to developers.

Developers Ryan Skrabyk and Tony Bagnulo say they are soliciting community feedback on a “single family residential subdivision” they are planning for the property.

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Councillor Orlikow called this afternoon (Friday) after learning that the school property committee had moved ahead and made a decision, and that the proposal to sell the property to the community to be kept as greenspace was not selected to advance to the school division for completion. Just one development proposal was recommended, but we were not able to determine any details about the sale or the proposal.

Proposals in for SJF property

Councillor Orlikow and Brian Hydesmith met for an update on the sjf property. We determined that as many as thirty proposals were submitted to the Winnipeg School Division regarding the land posted for sale. We were not sure which proposal or proposals would be decided upon, or the date of their next meeting to consider making a decision.

We assumed that the one proposal submitted by Councillor Orlikow to buy the land to keep it as green space would be considered alongside the ones from various developers. Our plan was to approach any school division officials to underscore the community support for the green space proposal.