Rezoning for Beaverbrook development – March 11, 2014


The city will have a PUBLIC HEARING to deal with the application for rezoning the ‘SJF Park’ land between Lanark and Beaverbrook Streets bordering Grosvenor Avenue for a residential development. The details for this meeting are posted along Grosvenor Ave opposite Westworth United Church.

  • Public Hearing
  • Tuesday, March 11, 2014
  • Council Building, 610 Main Street, Winnipeg
  • 6 PM

“An application for the approval of the plan of subdivision as shown may be determined by council and for a proposed zoning change to By-law No. 200/2006 (Neighbourhood) PDF-1 Airport Vicinity District to an R1-M Residential single-family (Medium) PDO-1 Airport Vicinity District and PR1 Parks and Recreation 1 (Neighbourhood) PDO-1 Airport Vicinity District to allow for the creation of a block plan and to establish public right-of-ways for future residential development.” 

4 thoughts on “Rezoning for Beaverbrook development – March 11, 2014

  1. Hello. Would you please clarify the following:

    What does the ‘medium’ after single-family mean or refer to?

    Does the ‘right of way’ mean add another traffic path/street?

    Is the assumption that the last proposal has been accepted?

    Thank you.

    • I think these are important questions which you can raise with the developer, and at the actual meeting at city hall. I believe that the ‘right of way’ refers to the creation of a new back lane and street (or perhaps we could call it a one block ‘avenue’) connecting Lanark and Beaverbrook streets mid-way through the property. It would also appear that the latter of the two proposals they presented to the public meetings are what they are submitting to the city for approval.

    • I encourage you to contact the developer directly. Ryan Skrabek has been good about replying to email messages and other contacts. Their website is and here are his other contact details:

      Ryan Skrabyk
      President, (Real Estate Web Sites)
      toll-free: 1.888.478.8797 ext. 301
      fax: 1.888.487.8798

  2. The council meeting went ahead last night (Tuesday), and I believe a modified version of the development proposal went ahead. Essentially, the south-west corner park remains, but may have to be rethought, and the eastern edge of the property will be adjusted to protect the existing trees. I will post more details soon.

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