Community Mailboxes

Canada Post says that our community, like everyone else in Canada, will eventually be receiving mail through community mailboxes. Indeed, some of the in-fill housing developments in our neighbourhood are already receiving their mail this way.

We should think ahead about where we would like these mailboxes to be located. Here is the newest design announced by Canada Post, as reported in the National Post article. 

Canada Post

2 thoughts on “Community Mailboxes

  1. Just what I need as I recently celebrated my 70th birthday…would not want to be traipsing to one of these mailboxes on a day like yesterday or today. Have to wonder what the future will hold for me being able to get my mail…. Susan Wiste

  2. You are right about the added effort that will be required to retrieve mail. I think we should be proactive about thinking about where we want these boxes to be located. I also hope that neighbours will help one another out by retrieving mail for those who cannot get to the new mailboxes easily.

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